About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse joy into people's lives by adorning their surroundings with handmade decor, crafts and art pieces. Each is a labor of love, designed to inspire smiles and elevate everyday spaces with unique charm and warmth. We are dedicated to spreading happiness one handmade creation at a time.

A collection of items are in support of Autism Awareness & Acceptance - a personal goal of our founder's in support of her son.

Our Products

At Humor & Heart, our process is all about simplicity, fun, and a touch of humor. We draw inspiration from the things we see every day, turning them into unique and enjoyable items that often carry a quirky twist. From brainstorming to creation, we keep it light-hearted and creative, ensuring each piece reflects our passion for crafting.  

In our home creation room, it is all about expressing ourselves and making things that empower others to do the same.

Our Crafter

Hi there! I'm Nicole! I'm a small business owner, a proud mom, and a military wife. My life is a whirlwind of juggling tasks and responsibilities, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love pouring my creative energy into fun and whimsical projects from the comfort of my home. Whether it's crafting the goods or dreaming up new designs, I find joy in bringing a touch of magic to everyday life. When I'm not busy with my business, you can find me outdoors, enjoying nature with my loved ones ...and a chai latte is always within reach.